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Creative Direction for Dr. Marten's summer haze campaign; shining a light on creatives behind the scenes. Focus was given to a stylist, graphic designer and YouTuber to show them in situ, on their feet and doing what they love to do.

The brief asked to bring in ideas of UK summer and underpin Dr. Martens as the all-round, essential summer footwear choice.

Photography: Aria Shahrokhshahi

Styling: Al Gill

  • Art Direction
  • Videography

Project Deliverables

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HUF Worldwide SS21 Social Activation

This brief challenged me to portray the HUFF SS21 collection in a London, urban environment.

I decided to focus on escapism in urbanised areas of London, showing the model relaxing and calm, unbeknownst to the environment that surrounds them. Key themes saw the model finding solace through clothing, in the face of adversity, isolation in a time of hard ship, relaxation and comfort in disturbed and destructive locations.

Photographer: @danikm

  • Art Direction

Project Deliverables


Here Still

Creative direction, social media management and further creative work for Here Still, a new age media company.

The identity was kept minimal, allowing each franchise to reflect its content rather than feel constricted to one aesthetic. The 8 point asterisk, used as the primary logo, drew inspiration from its original, eight person team. Further inspiration came from its similarities to a camera flash, video reels and the sun to portray the companies new beginnings. It was important to the team to have contemporary undertones, hinted throughout the identity. This was done through the custom logotype and body copy pairing of GT America as well as animation style and tone of voice.

The branding was developed through social media where tasked with content creation and strategy. Here, new ideas were introduced to boost interactivity and further express the company ethics of community and collaboration. Examples included 'Creative Exposure' and the creation of six videos of the on screen talent which were created to depict each of their personalities through video format.

Further work can be viewed @here__still

  • Branding
  • Digital
  • Social Media
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Animation
  • Art Direction

Project Deliverables


John Metcalfe

Artist branding and social media management for John Metcalfe, a multidisciplinary composer and musician who has worked for the likes of Coldplay, Blur, Simple Minds, U2 and Peter Gabriel. He has also recieved acclaim as a member of Derutti Collumn in the 1980s and more recently, The Duke Quartet.

Metcalfe has recently collaborated with a number of music artists to produce an EP of remix’s named ‘Absence’. The aim of the brief was to attract new audiences using Social Media to listen to his music and gain a larger social following.

A larger audience was introduced to Metcalfe’s music using a contemporary identity design and typographic animations across social media accounts.

Content was published alongside the management of focussed social ads.

  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Digital